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Thanks to the encouragement I received from two of my friends, I was brave enough to use my tripod on the street for the first time. I had wanted to take this picture during the afternoon, but I didn't get to the location in time. It was already getting dark so I needed the tripod.

The road was so busy, and most of the pictures I took had either cars or people in them. I'm really surprised I managed to take one or two pictures without any cars or people.

I wasn't very happy with this picture when I first took it. Fortunately, my camera had saved all the photos as RAW files instead of JPEGs, so I could easily manipulate them on my computer. I used ViewNX 2 (free software available on Nikon's website) to manipulate this picture and convert it into a JPEG. I guess I don't need to buy Photoshop after all.

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